I got to do things my own way, darling.

Hello ! It’s friday! Woo hoo ! ❤ Had an okay day at school, so boring but hey, the weekend starts the second I walked out of the building.

I’ve been really happy with my pictures recently, experimenting with light and poses.

This weekend I intend to take a few more pictures, I have a couple planned with some cool outfits.   2

My outfit is by Pixicat, from the Epiphany. I didn’t actually play  for any of this outfit, I’ve been trading quite a few items and ended up with these cool pieces.  I adore the jacket! It’s a rare, and I understand why! The HUD of colours is so great, though I’ll be mostly reaching for the white.  I traded for the dark set too, which I gifted to my sister.  She likes it !  My top and pants are from Pixicat too, holographic! They’re so cute, I absolutely love them.  The colours are so cool, go really well with the jacket too. 3

My hair is from Truth, also available at the Epiphany. I feel like a little princess when wearing it, they had my favourite tone in the pack too, blonde with pink ombre. I love the truth palettes, such amazing texturing and such great style.

(Style Credit is below!)

Style Credit:

Mesh Body-  Maitreya – Lara by Onyx Leshelle

Head- Lelutka- Simone 2.0 (Bento) by Jaden Art

Hair- Truth Hair – Ice by Truth Hawks  *Available at the Epiphany*

Fur Jacket- Pixicat– Sassy.Jacket- Bright *Rare* by Areve  *Available at the Epiphany*

Top and shorts- Pixicat– Sassy set (Holographic) by Areve *Available at the epiphany*

Hands- Vista Animations- Vista Prohands (Bento)  by Vista Barnes

Poses- LaBaguette by Aristas

Backdrop- L’etre- Photography background #2  by David Cooper


Hello 2017! ~ N21&FameShed

Hello! It is now 2017. The year of my GCSE exams *sigh*. It’ll be okay, going to revise at least an hour every night.

Christmas was great, so nice to be off school for a little bit! Back to the same old routine now. Up at 6. Shower.Breakfast.School, sighs..


On a happy note, had such a good Christmas on SL. It has been great.

In this picture, I am wearing Truth Hair (Credited below), Lelutka Simone 2.0 head and IKON ‘Sunrise eyes’. I am wearing some new ears that I picked up, from a store called Mandala. The ears are great, they can be tattooed and have lots of cool piercings on, the ears can transform from Human, Elf and Pixie! So cute.  I am using the Catwa Catya bubble gum in this picture, I was hesitant to try it with Lelutka head but it works like a dream! It’s really great, good animations and makes pictures look so much cooler!!


The outfit that I am wearing is from N21 and Fameshed. The jumper and Skirt are from N21, I was a little hesitant to purchase them at first as they were 250L a piece but i’m glad that I did. The shoes are from Fameshed from a brand called ‘Just Design’ I absolutely love them. So nice and very versatile. The tights are from Izzies!


Style Credit:

Mesh Head (Bento)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Bubblegum- Catwa- Bento bubblegum  (New)

Hair+Hat- Truth- Austen

Choker- Noodles- Salem Choker (*Available at Fameshed*) (New)

Jumper-N-Uno Nelly Sweater (N5) (*Available at N21) (New)

Skirt-N-UnoNelly Skirt (N4) (*Available at N21*) (New)

Shoes- Just Design-Taiga Suede Shoes (*Available at FameShed*) (New)

Tights- Izzies-Sheer Tights

Eyes- IKON- Sunrise Eyes- Pale Azure

2016 —> 2017

Hello!  It’s the 30/12/2016, this is probably going to be my last post of 2016!

This year has been quite the journey, lots of work in school. Mock exams. Drama. It’s been an alright year, 2017 is going to be busy. Which kinda sucks because I wont be able to log on to SL too often but, I always have Lumiya on my phone to catch up with friends.

This picture was taken at a sim called ‘La Digue du Braek‘ ~ An industrial sim, really wanted to take a pic with bars behind me. Quite like it!

My hair is from N21, by  Besom , I really like it. It’s called ‘Weekend Warrior’ and it just looks so effortless and lazy. I love it so much! ~

My jacket and jumper is from N21 too, by my favourite store, Pixicat. I love this jacket, such a good fit and is very versatile with different outfits and such, one of my favourite things about it is the tiny details, like the hanging tassles and the zip.  The jacket comes with a jumper which can be textured in many different colours. I went for the pink because.. pink!!

My jeans are from Pixicat also, supposed to go with the Signe jumper but I paired them both, seems like they make a good match! Fits perfectly underneath my jacket.


Style Credit:

Mesh Head (Bento)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Hair- Besom- Weekend Warrior – (Available at N21)

Coat- Pixicat- Pixicat- Puffer.Jacket – (Available at N21)

Jeans- Pixicat- Signe Jeans- Blue Faded

Skin Appliers- Preset Glam Affair appliers that come w/ Lelutka and Maitreya



Thats all from me, happy new year!! ♥


Keeping it happy! – 27/12/2016

Hello hello hello!  Been so happy recently, thought i’d reflect it in today’s post!  Today, I don’t have much planned so I can just relax and have no worries.

It is so good to be able to have expressions in my pictures, so happy that my sisters gave me my head for Christmas.  I can now smile! Woo hoo!

I have taken  a picture at this location before, Asphyxiation Point. Such a nice urban sim.

A little word about my outfit, I bought the dress (under the jacket from Blueberry), I love it so much. Fits so well under my jacket, which I received as a gift from a friend called Patise. She’s so kind and really nice to hang out with, she takes such cute pictures too ♥

My eyes that I am wearing were from the Epiphany, from a store called Izzie’s, so sparkly and bright!

Also, shout out to Ayumi! Such a good friend, love them so much♥


Style Credit:

Mesh Head (Bent0)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Hair-  TRUTH HAIR -Cerys

Skin Appliers- Preset Glam Affair appliers that come w/ Lelutka and Maitreya

Jacket- Blueberry- Radiance – Denim Jacket 

Dresses- Blueberry- Radiance Dress 


❤ good bye