This gorgeous lingerie set is by Osmia ❤ The bambi set can be found at Blush .

My hair is by Truth, in a multi-tone of black and blonde ! This hair is called Lilo, and can be found at Uber !

Lastly, the pose is by Winx&Flair, which I purchased at For Rose  (More info can be found here )



For rose


This post is dedicated to the lovely Rose, (naminaeko) ♥

On January 17th, 2018, Rose’s mother passed away.

Here are some words from Rosie about her beloved mother :

“My mother was my world and my rock. For the last 6 years our roles reversed as she fell into a depression that causes her to be very weak. In the last 6 years our family has grown and we’ve been through so many ups and downs. She wanted for everyone to be happy, for everyone to be at peace, and was a true light in this world that is not gone. These words are near impossible for me to type because the reality of her loss is too great to ever express. She gifted all three of her daughters with strength, passion, love, empathy and love. She was love in physical form. She is leaving behind her 3 children(26, 21, and 19), her husband, her beautiful about to turn 2 year old niece, her large family of brothers and sisters, her nieces and nephews, her mother, 3 cats, and a loving dog. She held us together in our darkest moments, she was the one person that could remind us everything was going to be ok. She would smile through every ounce of pain or sadness she ever felt and tell you it’s ok, don’t panic it’s fine. She was my rock and best friend.  I wish you all could have met her, she would be a joy to be around and a warm soul to heal any heart. I love you mommy, i love you with all my heart. ”

Rosie is such a wonderful person, always providing joy and colour to our community, therefore I urge you to take a visit to ‘ For Rose ‘, a fundraiser which will help Rosie for the future. The whole event really shows what us as a community can come together and do.

The fundraiser runs from February 4th to February 25th (3 weeks). All money that is raised is going to such a wonderful person.

Please also consider donating to Rosie’s Youcaring page

Landmark : For Rose


Items from  For Rose :

Dress (By Altair)

Bunny (By Half-Deer)

Hair (By Nani)

Glasses (By Random Matter)




Thankyou for taking the time to read ♥



Another post with my guy avi, it’s so fun doing something new.

♥ Featuring Stealthic Hair (Narcotic) with my new Bold and Beauty skin (Xin on Catwa Daniel)

I was told about a store called Fake Icon, where I bought this outfit (Nopun tank and waist). He’s also wearing some underwear from Mossu

The backdrop is by STUD INC

The pose and phone prop is from Pose Maniacs 

The chain around my neck and watch is from Peaches ‘N Cream , which you can find at the Epiphany 





My male avi is back with a new look (which i am so much more happier with)

I got a new skin from Bold and Beauty called Xin, in tone 3 and I love it so so so much ♥

The guy lifting me is Silk Zigounette ♥  Who we had so much fun taking some photos last night 😀

We’re both wearing Stealthic hair, the old track set from Xenials (New)

The locker room is from Sweet Animations , It’s so detailed and has so many different aspects to it.


b a s i c


The Epiphany is back ❤

Teleport to The Epiphany

Teleport to The Epiphany Mirror Sim

This picture features the Peaches ‘N Cream set for the The Epiphany ♥ Which is amazing. The theme of this gacha set is ‘basic’, in the sense of style. (View the key here) (Items used : Watch, vape, flower crown, tattoo choker, t-shirt , segway rover )

My hair is from Exile, one of my favourite styles, especially now with the flower crown ! (Break the rules hair)


Above is one of the rares, Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘Let Me Borrow That Top’



These are some of favourite shoes in SL. They’re ::ROC:: Martens Boot! High ! Paired with my fave socks, which are a group gift from Vale Koer  ♥


Shorts are from Villena, an older release (Split denim shorts) and my garter is a store which I found on the MP, for 1L$ !


Here is a close up of the Peaches ‘N Cream – ‘That’s so 90s’ Tattoo Choker


Backdrop is by Pseudo 



Song ♥ 

bubblegum heart


Helloo ♥

Decided to get Luxebox this time as it was only 1k, and inside were some pretty awesome items ! ❤

From this box, I’m wearing Ison, Empire and Besom.

The cardigan (Royal Cardigan) was an instant favourite, which is by Ison  !

My shorts are from Blueberry, an older release (babe shorts) ♥

The hair is from Besom, I am obsessed with this style and the lil topknot ! (Top Knot Babe)

Lastly, my shoes are from Empire, which I L O V E. I’ve been looking for a pair of boots like them for so long and now I have them ! (Pointsettia)

The socks are a groupgift from Vale Koer

Laslty, the fishnet stockings are from Villena, so worth the purchase as they can be used with so many different looks


Backdrop is by Pseudo