A little information about me!

Sooo, you stumbled upon my blog! If so, hey! c:  Thought I would share a few facts about me c:

  1. I started playing SL years ago, but never actually got in to it. I was a lot younger then, I didn’t try and talk to people I just flew around the starter island

2. I started my SL on the first of September, 2016. I am fairly new with everything but I’ve settled right in!

3. In my real life, I am in school still!

4. I am YouTube obsessed, ever since I can remember I’ve always watched YouTube.

5. It takes me a while to get in to TV shows, I prefer to be doing something.

6. In real life, I love taking pictures. Whether it’s of a sunset or food at a nice restaurant, I love it!

7. I have been teaching myself how to use image manipulation programs since I was 9 years old, it all started in the summer and I’ve never stopped since!

8. In SL, I love exploring beautiful sims and playing games!

9. My favourite colours are anything pastel!! Blue’s, pinks!

10. And finally, my favourite holiday is Christmas! Spending time with family, eating lovely food and presents!! woo hoo ♥