2016 —> 2017

Hello!  It’s the 30/12/2016, this is probably going to be my last post of 2016!

This year has been quite the journey, lots of work in school. Mock exams. Drama. It’s been an alright year, 2017 is going to be busy. Which kinda sucks because I wont be able to log on to SL too often but, I always have Lumiya on my phone to catch up with friends.

This picture was taken at a sim called ‘La Digue du Braek‘ ~ An industrial sim, really wanted to take a pic with bars behind me. Quite like it!

My hair is from N21, by  Besom , I really like it. It’s called ‘Weekend Warrior’ and it just looks so effortless and lazy. I love it so much! ~

My jacket and jumper is from N21 too, by my favourite store, Pixicat. I love this jacket, such a good fit and is very versatile with different outfits and such, one of my favourite things about it is the tiny details, like the hanging tassles and the zip.  The jacket comes with a jumper which can be textured in many different colours. I went for the pink because.. pink!!

My jeans are from Pixicat also, supposed to go with the Signe jumper but I paired them both, seems like they make a good match! Fits perfectly underneath my jacket.


Style Credit:

Mesh Head (Bento)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Hair- Besom- Weekend Warrior – (Available at N21)

Coat- Pixicat- Pixicat- Puffer.Jacket – (Available at N21)

Jeans- Pixicat- Signe Jeans- Blue Faded

Skin Appliers- Preset Glam Affair appliers that come w/ Lelutka and Maitreya



Thats all from me, happy new year!! ♥



Keeping it happy! – 27/12/2016

Hello hello hello!  Been so happy recently, thought i’d reflect it in today’s post!  Today, I don’t have much planned so I can just relax and have no worries.

It is so good to be able to have expressions in my pictures, so happy that my sisters gave me my head for Christmas.  I can now smile! Woo hoo!

I have taken  a picture at this location before, Asphyxiation Point. Such a nice urban sim.

A little word about my outfit, I bought the dress (under the jacket from Blueberry), I love it so much. Fits so well under my jacket, which I received as a gift from a friend called Patise. She’s so kind and really nice to hang out with, she takes such cute pictures too ♥

My eyes that I am wearing were from the Epiphany, from a store called Izzie’s, so sparkly and bright!

Also, shout out to Ayumi! Such a good friend, love them so much♥


Style Credit:

Mesh Head (Bent0)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Hair-  TRUTH HAIR -Cerys

Skin Appliers- Preset Glam Affair appliers that come w/ Lelutka and Maitreya

Jacket- Blueberry- Radiance – Denim Jacket 

Dresses- Blueberry- Radiance Dress 


❤ good bye

Christmas day!

Hello!! Merry holidays to all, hope you had a wonderful day whatever you’re celebrating!  I had a wonderful day with family, received such lovely gifts and ate lots of good food!!

I have had such a good few days on SL, received such amazing gifts from friends and treated them too!  One of my gifts was a new body, Maitreya!! woo hoo c: So happy with it, I originally was wearing slink but it didn’t really fit my kind of avatar. I tried to make a smaller avatar with slink physique but could never get the proportions right. Now with my Maitreya body, i’m so small and I love it!!

Another favourite of mine was the new Bento head by Lelutka! This was given to me by my sisters, Faith and Lisa. I am so grateful for this gift, they knew that I had my heart set on it and they are so amazing, they gifted it too me!  I love it so much, the head in its self is  beautiful but it’s the fact that I can make it mine using the sliders. The head features such amazing expressions which I’ve never been able to use because I originally bought the Catwa Skye head, which is a static head.   One of my favourite features of this head is the preset head appliers. I thought  I was going to have to buy appliers and everything for it, which are pretty expensive as it is BUT!! I didn’t realise that Maitreya had Glam Affair appliers too, Oh my gosh! I was so happy. There are 10 tones and I am using the third lightest. I love the skin so much!



In the picture, I am wearing some new eyes! No longer Catwa basic eyes. I treated myself to some good eyes, and I got them for such a good price. I absolutely love the colour of these eyes, such an amazing shade of blue.

The dress that I am wearing is from one of my favourite stores called, Pixicat. The dress is called ‘Darling Dress’. I love it! I picked it up on a whim from their 50% off sale, earlier on this month. I think I paid around 100Ls for it and I love it so much. So elegant and cutesy!

And.. to the hands!!   Can we just appreciate Vista Animations’ bento hands. I bought them today as a treat to myself and I can say, I am pleased with them. I paid 999Ls for them, seems pricey but they’re probably going to go up in price as  time goes on. The hands are going to bring so much to my pictures, as with the head. The pose I am doing on this picture is by Pink Hustler (will be credited properly below) Cute little heart hands, paid 200Ls for the fatpack of poses. Thought it was a pretty good deal!!

The place I am is called ‘Search for santa- Mad Pea Experience’. It’s not supposed to be a photo type sim as it is an entrance to the event but I couldn’t resist. It’s so pretty!


Style Credits:

Mesh Head (Bent0)- Lelutka- Bento Head- Simone 2.0 (New)

Body- Maitreya- Lara – Mesh Body

Hair-  TRUTH HAIR -Cerys (Wearing it quite alot but I love it)

Skin Appliers- Preset Glam Affair appliers that come w/ Lelutka and Maitreya

Dress- PixiCat- Darling Dress

Socks- Maitreya- Dahlia Socks- White 


And that concludes my longest post yet!


Happy holidays ♥

Winter is here~



Hello! Haven’t blogged for a few days, couldn’t get the right picture.  Over the last couple of days, I’ve just relaxed. Broke up from school ! ~

Christmas is in 2 days.. 2 days.. What the hell.. Seems like Christmas was yesterday ~

Over my 13 days off, I will be playing SL, relaxing and watching movies!

Head- Catwa skye (basic mesh head)

Lipstick- ERDE- Angel or Demon Secret Lips!  (Available now at the Fantasy Collective- Lootbox edition)

Body- Slink Physique

Skin- Egozy.rose (Light fair)

Hair- ARGRACE- URARA – Platinum

Dress+Shoes- Hilly Haalan- Daisy Outfit

Hands- Slink -Elegant




Je T’aime


Happy saturday!! woo hoo, 8 days till Christmas!

Today has been a good day, first being I was out of the house by 11 to get some Christmas things. Second being that my new phone arrived!! Samsung Galaxy S7, so happy with it. I can finally use Lumiya  (a phone viewer) to stay in touch with friends when I’m out.  Third, I went to my Nan’s house, she’s lovely 🙂

Took this photo at a sim called ‘Paris Je T’aime’ and fell in love with the scenery and the architecture of the place. So nice.

My outfit is from good ol’ trust Hilly Haalan, it comes with a dress, shoes and a clutch. Such a nice, classy outfit. I absolutely love it.


Style Credit:

Head- Catwa skye (basic mesh head)

Body- Slink Physique

Skin- Egozy.rose (Light fair)

Hair- TRUTH HAIR -Cerys

Dress+Clutch- Hilly Haalan- Eva Outfit

Hands- Slink -Elegant


Silently, like thoughts that come and go, the snowflakes fall, each one a gem.


9 Days. 9 Days till Christmas!  So excited c:

Logged on today to find the sim where my sis lives all decorated for the holidays 🙂 Such a nice surprise~

Took this picture at ‘Let It Snow‘ , A beautiful winter themed sim, such a nice place to take picutres♥

The outfit that I am wearing is from The Naughty List, “There’s oodles of Xmas goodies for the good and the bad, so come on in and check this awesome event out before it ends on December 31st!”

Style Credit:

Head- Catwa skye (basic mesh head)

Body- Slink Physique

Skin- Egozy.rose (Light fair)

Outfit- ADOREZ- Cindy Outfit (Available at The Naughty List)

Hair- Entwined- Ivy (Group gift)


Have a lovely day

C’est La Vie


That’s life.  Has a boring week at school, days dragged on for hours on end but now it’s friday.

I took this picture afew days ago at a sim called La Vie, I love this place so much. Such a nice setting.

My outfit is from one of my favourite stores, PixiCat ~  Bought this from the 50% off sale which has sadly ended now, I bought a few things.  Such a lovely store♥



Style Credit:

Head- Catwa skye (basic mesh head)

Body- Slink Physique

Skin- Egozy.rose (Light fair)

Outfit- Pixicat- Casual Dungaree

Hair- TRUTH- Tyne (Light Blondes)